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PUMA : Proposition Unified Method Agile

Evaluating and understanding new developments

When return on investment and strategic projects are called for, the manager is deprived of the most elementary tools for estimation use. This situation results in dangerous approximations, system inadequacy, and major deviation.

The client-server method is changing the fundamental nature of these developments as well as the composition of application nodes. The Three-Tier arrangement allows us to penetrate the distributed Object. On the organisational level, the re-engineering of these processes introduces Workflow principles. These additional dimensions involve a surplus of design and procedures. Strategy forces an anticipated delivery at only partial operationability. This requisite pays technological and economic tribute to a generalised use of teledistribution instruments.

In terms of effort, the relative importance of the levels of conception and construction has been inversed. Detailed specifications are moved forward by prototyping to the development stage. An analysis of the operational and technical content equally reveals an important increase in the development's complexity.

The amount of criteria to assess has multiplied. The impact of all these elements must be evaluated precisely and therefore demands reliable measurement and adapted evaluation procedures. The ability to instantly compare complex scenarios is vital. In order for such an operation to work, it must first be simple and automated. Consequently, a new type of product emerges before (Conception and Development AGL's). This product is dedicated to definition, evaluation and planning. Moreover, it enables immediate visualisation of the impact caused by a particular choice of architecture and technology.

Evaluateur version 5.2

This product (Multilingual) his dedicated to definition, evaluation and planning project. (+ functions negotiation) Moreover, it enables immediate visualisation of the impact caused by a particular choice of architecture, organization, method and technology. (client-server, N-tiers, NET, RAD, Objet, ERP, CMM, UML, ...)

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