ISO 15504 - Pratiques par catégories de préoccupations

Summary list of base practices

CUS   Customer-Supplier process category

CUS.1      Acquire software product and/or service

CUS.1.1         Identify the need

CUS.1.2         Define the requirements

CUS.1.3         Prepare acquisition strategy

CUS.1.4         Prepare request for proposal

CUS.1.5         Select software product supplier

CUS.2      Establish contract

CUS.2.1         Review before contract finalization

CUS.2.2         Negotiate contract

CUS.2.3         Determine interfaces to independent agents

CUS.2.4         Determine interfaces to subcontractors

CUS.3      Identify customer needs

CUS.3.1         Obtain customer requirements and requests

CUS.3.2         Understand customer expectations

CUS.3.3         Keep customers informed

CUS.4      Perform joint audits and reviews

CUS.4.1         Establish joint audits and reviews

CUS.4.2         Prepare for customer audits and reviews

CUS.4.3         Conduct joint management reviews

CUS.4.4         Conduct joint technical reviews

CUS.4.5         Support customer acceptance review

CUS.4.6         Perform joint process assessment

CUS.5      Package, deliver, and install the software

CUS.5.1         Identify installation requirements

CUS.5.2         Prepare site for installation

CUS.5.3         Pack software

CUS.5.4         Deliver software

CUS.5.5         Verify correct receipt

CUS.5.6         Install software

CUS.5.7         Provide handling and storage procedures

CUS.6      Support operation of software

CUS.6.1         Identify operational risks

CUS.6.2         Perform operational testing

CUS.6.3         Operate the software

CUS.6.4         Resolve operational problems

CUS.6.5         Handle user requests

CUS.6.6         Document temporary work-arounds

CUS.6.7         Monitor system capacity and service

CUS.7      Provide customer service

CUS.7.1         Train customer

CUS.7.2         Establish product support

CUS.7.3         Monitor performance

CUS.7.4         Install product upgrades

CUS.8      Assess customer satisfaction

CUS.8.1         Determine customer satisfaction level

CUS.8.2         Compare with competitors

CUS.8.3         Communicate customer satisfaction

ENG   Engineering process category

ENG.1      Develop system requirements and design

ENG.1.1         Specify system requirements

ENG.1.2         Describe system architecture

ENG.1.3         Allocate requirements

ENG.1.4         Determine release strategy

ENG.2      Develop software requirements

ENG.2.1         Determine software requirements

ENG.2.2         Analyze software requirements

ENG.2.3         Determine operating environment impact

ENG.2.4         Evaluate  requirements with customer

ENG.2.5         Update requirements for next iteration

ENG.3      Develop software design

ENG.3.1         Develop software architectural design

ENG.3.2         Design interfaces at top level

ENG.3.3         Develop detailed design

ENG.3.4         Establish traceability

ENG.4      Implement software design

ENG.4.1         Develop software units

ENG.4.2         Develop unit verification procedures

ENG.4.3         Verify the software units

ENG.5      Integrate and test software

ENG.5.1         Determine regression test strategy

ENG.5.2         Build aggregates of software units

ENG.5.3         Develop tests for aggregates

ENG.5.4         Test software aggregates

ENG.5.5         Develop tests for software

ENG.5.6         Test integrated software

ENG.6      Integrate and test system

ENG.6.1         Build aggregates of system elements

ENG.6.2         Develop tests for aggregates

ENG.6.3         Test system aggregates

ENG.6.4         Develop tests for system

ENG.6.5         Test integrated system

ENG.7      Maintain system and software

ENG.7.1         Determine maintenance requirements

ENG.7.2         Analyze user problem and enhancements

ENG.7.3         Determine modifications for next upgrade

ENG.7.4         Implement and test modifications

ENG.7.5         Upgrade user system

PRO   Project process category

PRO.1     Plan project life cycle

PRO.1.1         Evaluate options for product development

PRO.1.2         Select software life cycle model

PRO.1.3         Describe activities and tasks

PRO.1.4         Establish task sequences

PRO.1.5         Document activities

PRO.2     Establish project plan

PRO.2.1         Develop work breakdown structure

PRO.2.2         Identify project standards

PRO.2.3         Identify specialized facilities

PRO.2.4         Determine reuse strategy

PRO.2.5         Develop project estimates

PRO.2.6         Identify initial project risks

PRO.2.7         Identify project measures

PRO.2.8         Establish project schedule

PRO.2.9         Establish project commitments

PRO.2.10       Document project plans

PRO.3     Build project teams

PRO.3.1         Define project teams

PRO.3.2         Empower project teams

PRO.3.3         Maintain project team interactions

PRO.3.4         Manage inter-team issues

PRO.4     Manage requirements

PRO.4.1         Agree on requirements

PRO.4.2         Establish customer requirements baseline

PRO.4.3         Manage customer requirements changes

PRO.4.4         Use customer requirements

PRO.4.5         Maintain traceability

PRO.5     Manage quality

PRO.5.1         Establish quality goals

PRO.5.2         Define quality metrics

PRO.5.3         Identify quality activities

PRO.5.4         Perform quality activities

PRO.5.5         Assess quality

PRO.5.6         Take corrective action

PRO.6     Manage risks

PRO.6.1         Establish risk management scope

PRO.6.2         Identify risks

PRO.6.3         Analyze and prioritize risks

PRO.6.4         Develop mitigation strategies

PRO.6.5         Define risk metrics

PRO.6.6         Implement mitigation strategies

PRO.6.7         Assess results of mitigation strategies

PRO.6.8         Take corrective action

PRO.7     Manage resources and schedule

PRO.7.1         Acquire resources

PRO.7.2         Track progress

PRO.7.3         Conduct management reviews

PRO.7.4         Conduct technical reviews

PRO.7.5         Manage commitments

PRO.8     Manage subcontractors

PRO.8.1         Establish statement of work

PRO.8.2         Qualify potential subcontractors

PRO.8.3         Select subcontractor

PRO.8.4         Establish and manage commitments

PRO.8.5         Maintain communications

PRO.8.6         Assess compliance

PRO.8.7         Assess subcontractor quality

SUP    Support process category

SUP.1      Develop documentation

SUP.1.1         Determine documentation requirements

SUP.1.2         Develop document

SUP.1.3         Check document

SUP.1.4         Distribute document

SUP.1.5         Maintain document

SUP.2      Perform configuration management

SUP.2.1         Establish configuration management library system

SUP.2.2         Identify configuration items

SUP.2.3         Maintain configuration item descriptions

SUP.2.4         Manage change requests

SUP.2.5         Control changes

SUP.2.6         Build product releases

SUP.2.7         Maintain configuration item history

SUP.2.8         Report configuration status

SUP.3      Perform quality assurance

SUP.3.1         Select project standards

SUP.3.2         Review software engineering activities

SUP.3.3         Audit work products

SUP.3.4         Report results

SUP.3.5         Handle deviations

SUP.4      Perform problem resolution

SUP.4.1         Prepare problem report

SUP.4.2         Track problem report

SUP.4.3         Prioritize problems

SUP.4.4         Determine resolution

SUP.4.5         Correct the defect

SUP.4.6         Distribute the correction

SUP.5      Perform peer reviews

SUP.5.1         Select work products

SUP.5.2         Identify review standards

SUP.5.3         Establish completion criteria

SUP.5.4         Establish re-review criteria

SUP.5.5         Distribute review materials

SUP.5.6         Conduct peer review

SUP.5.7         Document action items

SUP.5.8         Track action items

ORG   Organization process category

ORG.1     Engineer the business

ORG.1.1        Establish strategic vision

ORG.1.2        Deploy vision

ORG.1.3        Establish quality culture

ORG.1.4        Build integrated teams

ORG.1.5        Provide incentives

ORG.1.6        Define career plans

ORG.2     Define the process

ORG.2.1        Define goals

ORG.2.2        Identify current activities, roles and responsibilities

ORG.2.3        Identify inputs and outputs

ORG.2.4        Define entry and exit criteria

ORG.2.5        Define control points

ORG.2.6        Identify external interfaces

ORG.2.7        Identify internal interfaces

ORG.2.8        Define quality records

ORG.2.9        Define process measures

ORG.2.10       Document the standard process

ORG.2.11       Establish policy

ORG.2.12       Establish performance expectations

ORG.2.13       Deploy the process

ORG.3     Improve the process

ORG.3.1        Identify improvement opportunities

ORG.3.2        Define scope of improvement activities

ORG.3.3        Understand the process

ORG.3.4        Identify improvements

ORG.3.5        Prioritize improvements

ORG.3.6        Define measures of impact

ORG.3.7        Change the process

ORG.3.8        Confirm the improvement

ORG.3.9        Deploy improvement

ORG.4     Perform training

ORG.4.1        Identify training needs

ORG.4.2        Develop or acquire training

ORG.4.3        Train personnel

ORG.4.4        Maintain training records

ORG.5     Enable reuse

ORG.5.1        Determine organizational reuse strategy

ORG.5.2        Identify reusable components

ORG.5.3        Develop reusable components

ORG.5.4        Establish a reuse library

ORG.5.5        Certify reusable components

ORG.5.6        Integrate reuse into life cycle

ORG.5.7        Propagate change carefully

ORG.6     Provide software engineering environment

ORG.6.1        Identify software engineering environment requirements

ORG.6.2        Provide a software engineering environment

ORG.6.3        Provide support for developers

ORG.6.4        Maintain software engineering environment

ORG.7     Provide work facilities

ORG.7.1        Provide productive workspace

ORG.7.2        Ensure data integrity

ORG.7.3        Provide data backups

ORG.7.4        Provide building facilities

ORG.7.5        Provide remote access facility ® © Jean-Pierre Vickoff